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How To Groom A Dog

Posted by CRISTINA Medina on

“Love is wet noses, drolly kisses and a wagging tail.”

Dog grooming is not as much complicated as people think of it. With the help of basic grooming techniques, you can satisfy your grooming requirements related to your dog.

So, if you have a dog or thinking of welcoming a new one into your life, it is crucial that you know enough about home grooming if you don’t want to go for professional grooming and to spend hundreds of dollars.

.........Grooming your dog is not only about cleaning and looks, but it helps to keep a dog healthy.

So, today in this article, we will throw some light on the basic home grooming techniques that can help you to keep your puppy well-groomed.

dog groom

The Basic Techniques for Dog Home Grooming

Home grooming for dogs doesn’t need to be nerve-racking and challenging to do. Most of the people leave dog grooming to the professional pet groomers....why?

......... just because they think it is quite difficult to achieve desired results at home.

But trust us, if you properly learn how to groom a dog at home, it will not only save you a lot of time but of course money as well.

Also, side by side, you can better ensure the health conditions of your lovely pup.

Grooming on a regular basis helps in identify abnormalities in your dog body early on.  Yes, that's right!

 So, let’s discuss basic dog grooming techniques to be practiced at home.

  • Brushing Teeth:

It is necessary to keep your canine’s teeth clean, and hygiene as it not only helps in putting a great impression on others but also saves your dog from gum diseases, like tartar build-up and gingivitis!

Similarly, it also aids in preventing harmful bacteria that can directly hit the dog’s other organs, like the heart, liver, etc. You can find thousands of high-quality soft bristle toothbrushes at an economical price, specially designed for dog’s grooming

  • Ear Cleaning:

Dark, deep, moist and twisty-dog ears are the perfect breeding grounds for various mites to grow.

Many breeds grow hair in their ears, which promote health issues. However, regular cleaning helps in to keep your canine’s ears healthy and problem-free.

Now....If you want your puppy enjoys his life, then keeping your dog’s ears clean is must-to-do. Cleaning your dog's ears is a must as it prevents the ear mites to get inside the dog’s ears and hence lower the chances of any bacterial infection.

  • Bathing:

Bathing your cute dog when needed is a crucial part of general home grooming. For dogs with healthier skin and a beautiful coat, the most common reason to bathe is to eliminate an unpleasant odor.

However, the benefits of bathing include cleaning skin and coat which helps in removing loose hair, improve hair coat’s shine.

.........The market is full of quality bathing products for dogs.

  • Nail Trimming:

Most of the dogs go for the fight when it comes to nail trimming.

However, don’t worry, as it is quite common....

........Before trimming your canine’s nails, it is essential to be friendly with him well before going to take out the nail clipper. He might be grumpy if not treated well.

For dog paws, you can choose the best quality clipper at market according to dog’s requirement.


 Happy Dog Grooming...




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